Criminal Defense Attorneys

The Law Office of Botsford & Roark is a dedicated criminal defense practice. We represent people who are under investigation, or have been charged with crimes, in federal or state court in Texas. Our firm has historically handled some of the largest cases in Austin and Central Texas involving allegations of white collar crime, sexual assault, Title IX violations, DWI, assault, aggravated assault, drug possession and distribution, tax evasion, Habeas Corpus, and appeals.

We understand that being charged with a crime can be the most frightening and uncertain time in a person’s life. What our firm can promise is that no stone will go unturned in working to obtain the best possible result in your case.

While we have handled many high profile cases over the years, the majority of the people we help are everyday folks whose cases never appear in the news. Many cases are relatively simple and others can be very complex. Our strategy is always the same. We strive to maintain cordial relationships with prosecutors, judges, law enforcement, and court personnel, while at the same time remaining ready and able to aggressively try cases whenever the client’s best interest call for it. Whatever your unique situation may be, our firm is equipped to help you through it.


Federal & State Criminal Law Practice

  • Pre-indictment
  • Trials (from DWI & DUI to complex federal white collar crime)
  • Appeals
  • Habeas Corpus & Post Conviction Remedies.


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