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If you’ve been charged with assault, you could face harsh penalties

Assault in Texas is broadly defined as intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly causing bodily injury to another person, threatening someone with imminent bodily harm, or making offensive or provocative physical contact with another individual. For those facing charges, experienced legal representation from an assault defense attorney can make a meaningful difference in the outcome of their case.

With so much room for interpretation, misunderstandings and unjust accusations happen all of the time. Thousands of assault cases are handled by the Travis County justice system every year. One of the most common assault charges around here is aggravated assault.

Assault Charges infobyte

When facing assault charges in Central Texas, Botsford & Roark, an Austin-based defense law firm with decades of experience, is here to help. Our assault defense strategy is straightforward and effective: We challenge the evidence, the legal process, the credibility of witnesses, and the circumstances surrounding your case.

Our Austin, TX assault defense attorneys leave no stone unturned in aggressively advocating for your freedom and rights. Past assault cases we’ve handled include:

  • Acquittal of lawyer indicted in state court for aggravated sexual assault
  • Reversing conviction for aggravated sexual assault due to exclusion of expert testimony

Types of assault cases we handle

If you're dealing with assault accusations, don't hesitate to contact us for a complimentary case evaluation. Our unmatched legal knowledge, resources, and connections in the Travis County and Central Texas justice systems enable us to get results. Common types of charges handled by our experienced Austin assault defense lawyers include:

An assault conviction in Texas can have significant legal and social consequences, affecting your personal and professional life. It's important to address these charges seriously and promptly with the right legal guidance.

Our fearless approach to bold legal representation

At Botsford & Roark, we provide a thorough assault defense. It starts with a complimentary case review. A member of our team will listen to the details of your case, answer questions, and explain your legal options. Here are just some of the steps our law firm may take to build you an effective assault defense:

  • Investigation. We may visit the scene of the arrest, interview witnesses, and gather additional evidence to support your defense. We may also look for discrepancies or inconsistencies in the prosecution's evidence.
  • Pretrial motions. If it will help your case, we can challenge evidence or procedural aspects of the case in pre-trial motions. For instance, we may file a motion to suppress evidence if there were constitutional violations during the arrest or execution of a warrant.
  • Negotiation. This may involve seeking a reduction in charges, such as pleading down to a lesser offense or advocating for alternative sentencing options, especially if it's your first assault offense.
  • Trial representation. If negotiations do not lead to a satisfactory resolution, our assault defense attorneys are prepared for trial.

In the face of charges, you can rely on us

At Botsford & Roark we have decades of experience handling high-profile and complex cases involving assault. Put our legal knowledge, resources, and local connections to work for you.

If you are facing assault charges in Central Texas, contact us for a free case evaluation to learn more about how we can help you. We are available to hear from you any time, day or night. Contact us now.

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