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Testimonials and Reviews From Past Clients

“Arguably the best attorney in Austin.”

At Botsford & Roark, we understand that the true definition of a successful case is how our clients feel about their experience. The following are reviews and testimonials from peers and clients our Austin, Texas criminal defense lawyers have represented over the last three decades.

If you have been charged with a crime in Central Texas or accused of a Title IX violation, you need the right lawyer to handle your case. Read these testimonials from past clients and legal peers, then contact us for a free case evaluation. We can answer your questions and explain what Botsford & Roark can do for you.

Testimonials from our clients

“Arguably the best attorney in Austin. If he agrees to take your case, retain him.”

- MCE, client review for Brian Roark

“I have known David Botsford for many years. He is a leader in the criminal defense bar, widely recognized by fellow attorneys as one of the best around. I endorse him wholeheartedly.”

- EPJ, peer review

“All I can say is this man works tirelessly to win your case. Very low key. Works for you even during court recess. Show me anyone who does that. Former Trial Chief for Travis County. I was impressed and I am hard to please. A so-called utility worker filed a criminal charge on me, and Mr. Roark exposed him as just a tree cutter trespassing on my property. The jury was out 15 minutes and found me not guilty. If you pass this guy up for an attorney, you are making a mistake. I had a lot to lose. He stopped the prosecution in their tracks.”

- Anonymous

“Without question the #1 criminal defense attorney in the city. Brian was highly recommended to me by my uncle who said it would be foolish to use anyone other than Brian. He never over promised but he gave me all the confidence we would have a favorable outcome. He definitely over delivered on that promise. Even when they tried to make things difficult for me, Brian found a way to get things done in my favor. I am forever grateful to Brian for fighting for me. There is no reason to go with anyone but Brian, he will fight for you. 100% recommend.”

- Sigi P.

“Dude’s a shark.”

- Aldashin, review for Brian Roark

“We needed a lawyer for a possible DWI arrest and a friend recommended him. I was immediately contacted by Francisco, who walked me through the process of what to expect and what needed to be done. I was completely frantic, and he completely put me at ease with the calm and simple way he explained everything to me. Although we are still waiting for everything to go through the system, we are confident that we will be well represented!”

- Z, review for Brian Roark

“These guys have the customer experience down!”

- Chris C.

This is a Go-To Lawyer.

- JS, peer review for David Botsford

David is one of the best criminal defense lawyers. I'd recommend him without hesitation.

- SG, peer review for David Botsford

In summary: Under-promised, over-delivered. Highly recommended.

- Anonymous, review for Brian Roark

If you want someone who works hard for his money this man is it. He never quits and he makes it hard on the prosecutor and witnesses against you when he gets to trial. Worth every penny I paid him. I was acquitted and he even taught the police and prosecutor lessons in the law while he was trying the case. Works even on lunch breaks/recess to defeat those after you. How good can it get? A super lawyer - 5 stars in my book.

- Anonymous, review for Brian Roark

I called upon Brian Roark in my time of need, and I am thankful that I did. He is thoughtful, intelligent, strategic, and very experienced. He put his talents to work quickly and took time to fully and deeply understand the facts of my situation. He then went to work to develop a comprehensive analysis of the law and solid arguments from which he could advocate for me. He then went to work in the courtroom to thoughtfully present "our" case. In the end, Brian ensured that justice was served fairly. I hope that I will never have to call on him for help again but I am glad to know he is there. I am thankful to have made his friendship during this ordeal. I recommend him highly.

- George C.

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