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Charged With Possession of Prescription Drugs in Austin, TX?

The penalties for charges involving prescription medications can be severe

When facing prescription drug charges in Texas, it's critical to have an experienced legal team by your side. At Botsford & Roark in Austin, TX, our defense attorneys understand the complexities of prescription drug cases and are dedicated to providing aggressive and strategic defense for individuals throughout Central Texas.

With over three decades of legal experience, our drug crime attorneys have successfully represented clients facing a wide range of prescription drug charges. We possess the legal knowledge, resources, and local connections to protect your rights and vigorously defend your case. If you are facing prescription drug charges, contact us for a free and confidential case evaluation. We can answer questions and explain your options.

Common types of prescription drug charges we handle at Botsford & Roark include:

  • Possession of prescription drugs without a valid prescription
  • Forgery or alteration of prescriptions
  • Illegal distribution or sale of prescription drugs
  • Fraudulent activities related to prescription drugs

Penalties for Texas prescription drug crimes

The penalties for prescription drug charges can be severe and vary based on factors such as the type and quantity of drugs involved, prior criminal history, and the intent behind the alleged offense. Here are some examples:

  • Possessing prescription medications without a valid prescription is typically a Class A misdemeanor, punishable by up to one year in jail and fines of up to $4,000.
  • Forging or altering prescriptions is a felony offense, which can result in more extended prison sentences and higher fines, especially if the altered prescription includes controlled substances.
  • The illegal distribution or sale of prescription drugs can lead to felony charges with severe penalties, including imprisonment and substantial fines.
  • Engaging in fraudulent activities related to prescription drugs, such as identity theft to obtain medications, can result in additional charges.

Botsford & Roark can fight for your rights

If you are facing prescription drug charges in Central Texas, contact Botsford & Roark today for a confidential case evaluation. Our experienced prescription drug charge lawyers can help. We conduct thorough investigations and painstakingly pour over evidence to uncover opportunities to challenge the charges against you. Find out what we can do for you. Contact us now.

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