Why do you need an attorney if you are charged with a DWI in Austin, TX?

The Benefits of Hiring a DWI Lawyer

Being charged with DWI in Austin, TX is a serious offense, and should never be taken lightly.  Your freedom and finances are at stake and you need professional representation to make sure your case is handled properly.  

Here are the reasons why you need to hire an attorney if you have been charged with DWI.


Familiarity With Laws


One of the most important reasons to get legal representation for your DWI case is to benefit from attorneys’ familiarity with the laws here in Austin and Central Texas.


With the help of a DWI law firm such as Botsford and Roark, you may avoid conviction based on small  technical details that only experienced lawyers will know about. Having an experienced attorney on your side may also provide an opportunity to reduce your penalty.


Experience With DWI Cases


DWI attorneys also have extensive experience handling these cases. That experience translates into the knowledge of which arguments and defenses produce results. Thus, they can craft the best strategy for you.


They also have more realistic expectations as to your potential consequences. This means that they can tell if the proposed punishment is too severe. In that case, their experience would provide them with solid arguments to reduce the penalty.


Saves Yourself Time


To start, you will save time by not having to research all of the details of DWI laws. On top of that, with a lawyer, you won’t need to visit court as often or be there for as long. Having legal representation will also save you time in terms of paperwork, witnesses, and other evidence. The attorney will handle all or most of this instead of you needing to spend your precious time on it.


Prevents Errors


Botsford & Roark will handle the paperwork, phone calls, and other aspects of your DWI case. This applies both with the legal charges and the DWI. In addition to saving you time, you’ll also avoid committing errors in the case. After all, DWI attorneys are familiar with the various forms and requirements; they are less likely to make mistakes.


Standards in Court


Should your case go to trial, court etiquette and  process are very formal and exacting.  For this you need an experienced attorney that can properly navigate the proceedings. 


If you have been charged with DWI in Austin, TX, you need experienced legal representation.  Call Botsford & Roark for your free consultation.  512-476-1900.

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Austin Criminal Defense Attorney Brian Roark

About the Author

Brian Roark is an experienced criminal defense attorney and Title IX lawyer, and former professor of Trial Advocacy at the University of Texas School of Law. He has successfully represented clients in a wide range of criminal cases, including DWIs, drug offenses, and violent crimes. Brian has extensive experience representing clients in university Title IX proceedings, helping students navigate these complex and often stressful processes. He is committed to providing his clients with compassionate and personalized legal representation and has a proven track record of achieving positive results.

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